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Qi=mc2 Science & Gnosis:
Planetary Initiation into a
Qualium Leap in Evolution

Arts-in-Healthcare: Creativity and Conscious Aging

Jung-oriented Seminars: Globalization Revisited

What really matters to you?

Energy is quickening around our Planet. All humanity is awakening to the giant immune response of Mother Earth to our way of living. This is the culture change of Globalization, and it is creating a cyclone of meaning and values in the clash of two cultural fronts -- the traditional and the technological.

At the same time, tremendous healing energy is coming to us, to transcend these opposites and heal the planet. How do we bridge the traditional and the technological world views to comprehend the purpose of this conflict? It is a planetary initiation for humanity to make a qualitative leap in consciousness by learning to integrate the global conflict of opposites. You integrate your spiritual growth into the world by doing the work you were born to do. Are you letting the problems of Globalization distract you from your life purpose?

Culture Bridge Consulting is for Boomers ready to free yourselves from the dominant economic culture and actualize the vision of our youth to heal this planet. The Chinese word for "crisis" carries the meaning of "danger and opportunity." That is the meaning of the crisis of "outsourcing." True "homeland security" can only be won through peace and the Just Society. The whole Earth can have economic freedom, a strong middle-class democracy, and global virtual collaboration by respect for human rights, labor laws, and Fair Trade. We can create self-sustaining, economic community using appropriate, innovative technology with renewable energy sources in small business.

Jungian Mentoring is effective telephone coaching for Westerners to integrate global spiritual traditions with Science through the classic Jungian method of dream and other archetypal interpretation. It defines your life purpose for conscious ageing to assume the community leadership role of wise elder through creative and spiritual transformation that heals loss, prolonged stress, and global culture shock.

"Happiness is the full use of your powers along lines of excellence in a life affording scope." Greek Philosopher, Epictetus
as quoted by President Kennedy

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