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This is a Planetary Initiation !

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Western Spiritual Reawakening


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This site represents an Artists' Co-op on-line:

Art & Design Online

The Doughboy Site, Hello Girls Commemorative. Many thanks to webmaster Mike Harlan.

The City of Chaumont, France, Commemorates the 85th Anniversary of the Armistice with a Tribute to the U.S. Signal Corps Women Soldiers. Grands remerciements au webmaitre Lionel Dupontreue.

World War I marked the beginning of this "Planetary Initiation," fulfilling Disraeli's prediction the Twentieth Century would be "the century of the common man." To understand Globalization, we need to understand what the famous PBS documentary on this war called, "The Shaping of the Twentieth Century." In addition to my own web page on WWI Women Combatants in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, the "Hello Girls," I have authored these pages with the webmasters, as follows:

For beautiful landscapes, music and interactive media, here's a link to Unicorn Magic, producing interactive programs for dream analysis and Jungian Individuation.



For a "Whole Earth Catalogue" on the world of Jungian Psychology:



For an excellent on-line course on Spirituality and psychotherapy, go to:

Internet Guides


For a compendium of thinkers pioneering this Planetary Initiation:



"Imagination" by my colleague, Marilyn Geist, in San Francisco -- a beautiful site to get a real feeling for Jungian Psychology.



Wolf's Den, your gateway to Metaphysics, Spirituality, and the ways of the Old Religion: for all you Vietnam veterans to do the Alchemy of "turning the lead into gold"



I teach this global culture change at Sarasota's intellectual community, the Pierian Spring Academy.

For those of you looking for Sarasota resources, I am listing this search page on behalf of my community:> SeekOn/Sarasota

 as a former Program Officer in Bosnia, I remain committed to healing psychological trauma

David Baldwin's Trauma Information contains a wealth of links:



Therapeutic Spiral International: for healing the psychological effects of trauma using Psychodrama (I have training from Zelka Moreno, the originator with her husband of Psychodrama; this organization adapts clinical methods to the Morenos' art of healing)



Community and the Reawakening
of American Activism:


A magazine named after the Philosopher's Stone of the Alchemists, which aspires to be "the Fortune magazine" of the Spiritual Reawakening and Rise of Integral Consciousness:



The E. F. Schumacher Society, for the futuristic economist's work, including his books: Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered; Good Work; A Guide for the Perplexed. Resources for community renewal and environmental sustainability:



The Friendship and Peace Society, a member of the Fair Trade Association, sponsors the Palestinian Embroidery Project to market the fine crafts of Palestine for self-sustaining community:



Book-publishers, Berrett-Koehler, of San Francisco:



For "Bringing Consciousness to Business," Business Spirit Journal Online:



Mobilization for Global Justice: Attorney, Lori Wallach inspired the Seattle protests against the capitulation to corporate hegemony of policy institutions founded in conjunction with the U.N. after WWII, to bring the world prosperity to everybody. MGJ is coordinating the non-violent demonstrations to recapture these institutions, like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization and make them responsible to democratic governments and global regulations for human rights, labor rights and environmental clean-up and preservation. For the Spring 2000 article on Lori Wallach published by Foreign Policy, the magazine of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, go to:





For literature on how corporations are centralizing a global economy at the expense of regional self-sufficiency and how this is undermining democratic governance.

http://www.ratical.org/corporations/ReadingLinks.html - WCRW




David Korten's When Corporations Rule The World:




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