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Globalization as

Dialogues on the Earth
Planetary Initiation into Creative Work and Healing our Planet

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Global Cultural Transformation
how it affects your life and livelihood
The Boomer generation has pioneered Global Culture with the free-for-all confusion of the Old West. As a result Globalization has only one value: "Does it make money?" The Earth is throwing forth a giant immune response to our way of living. We grew out of this planet and if we do not live according to the Way of all Nature, the Tao, our health degenerates. Time is of the essence. Now that we are financially able to follow our passion, it is time to bring our youthful vision for this Planet into our work the work we were born to do. Here are some of the topics for public discussion:
  • The Initiation of Gaia: Let's take this planet an evolutionary leap forward!
  • You can't have Democracy without a Middle Class majority!
  • The New American Aristocracy: Celebrities and CEOs -- the income-multiplier effect of Information Communication (Media) Technology
  • Campaign Financing and Broadcasting Licenses: free election advertising
  • There's nothing sacred about the 40-hour work week: share the jobs through Small business and a livable minimum wage -- make corporations pay the same taxes as individuals, then give small business and 501-C3 wages to create employment for everybody
"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin. Commitment has genius, power and boldness in it."
"Happiness is the full use of your powers along lines of excellence in a life affording scope."
Greek Philosopher Epictetus, as quoted by President Kennedy
"There is only one law -- the law of reciprocity. It is observed by a selfless conscience and an awakened sense of justice."
Murshid Hazrat Inahat Khan, Founder, Sufi Order of the West
Global Thinking
"When dealing with a complex non-linear system you have to break it up into pieces and then study the very strong interaction between them all. Only this way can you describe the whole system.
"We need a corpus of people who consider that it is important to take a serious and professional crude look at the whole system. It has to be a crude look, because you will never master every part of every interconnection. . . .
"Unfortunately, in a great many places in our society, including academia and most bureaucracies, prestige accrues principally to those who study some [narrow] aspect of a problem, a trade, a technology, or a culture, while discussion of the big picture is relegated to cocktail party conversation. That is crazy."
Murray Gell-Mann, The Quark and the Jaguar, Nobel Laureate, former California Institute of Technology Professor of Theoretical Physics.
"We were immensely impressed with Michelle's imaginative ease as she moved back and forth between the sciences and humanities. [She] makes stunning connections between classical material (science/literature), modern political theory, and contemporary psychological climate."
Anthony Mountain, Provost, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies, California State University, Sonoma [from teaching reference]

"Thank you for an eye-opening, mind-expanding course!" Globalization group card, Pierian Spring Academy for lifelong learning

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