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Path 1: Individuation: spiritual transformation practice for Westerners

Private Practice and Workshops in Jungian analytical psychology

Jungian Mentoring and Dream Analysis by Telephone to transform stress into spiritual power

Jungian Workshops in Conscious Aging and Global Culture Change

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Path 2: Society integrating spirituality into the economy and workplace

Global Visionary Business Consulting

Global Vision for 21st Century economic focus, Culture Bridge Consulting in Distance Training, Virtual Collaboration & Web Design

Public Speaking

Public Speaking on WWI, the "Hello Girls," and the "Shaping of the Twentieth Century."

Do you have Global Culture Shock?

My Books and Tapes on Spiritual Economics
I have written four books and regularly do public speaking on Globalization and other topics from the Jungian perspective, such as, the change from 20th-Century consumerism to the focused 21st-Century economy on environmentalism as true "homeland security" for the whole planet.

My first book combines the psychology of C. G. Jung and the economics of E. F. Schumacher:

  • The Emperor Has No Clothes: A Handbook of Spiritual Economics for the Information Communications (Media) Technology Revolution.
  • The Underground Spirituality of the West
  • Christ On the Titanic: The Redemption of the West
  • Science and the Changing Image of God: A Jungian Analysis of Western symbolic myths
  • Qualium Mechanics: Overcoming the Body-Mind Split,
  • Shadow at Work: the On-going American Civil War.

The Jungian Archetypes page is a test you can take to understand your own symbolic language.

Typology Test in the Transformation Symbols of the Unconscious

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