So you'd rather wear my art than hang it on your wall. Okay, you can buy a T-shirt. Colors available are black, white, yellow, blue (royal blue as in the logo). If you want another color, I'll try to find it for you but you'll have to be patient. I am an artist who needs to paint more than run around looking for T-shirts.

Don't forget to tell me adult size, men's or women's, small, medium, large and extra-large -- maybe you should include your chest measurement to be safe.

$30.00 plus $5 shipping/postage and 7 percent sales tax for FL residents. Email me and I'll send you back my Paypal button by email. Sorry, I cannot make refunds. The reason is that I can't carry an inventory of sizes until someone else orders the same painting in your size and color T-shirt.
Michelle Christides, Artist in Oils
Sarasota, FL

You can also buy a T-shirt for $20.00 + $5/FL tax, with any of the following logo variations printed, instead of a painting:

Chi=mc2 or Qi = mc2

This is "Chi heals World Soul," logo no. 1, showing the Chinese character for Chi, or Life Energy, on the left within the famous formula and my stylized MC2 with my slogan, "Creative Vision heals World Soul."

This is "World Soul Flower," logo no. 2, showing my painting, "Georgia On My Mind." (of course, the t-shirt will not have the copyright all across the painting!)

This is "Galaxies Life Energy," logo no. 3, depicting my concept of World Soul Art.

What is a Giclée?

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