Lunar Eclipse of Grief

"S/He who learns must suffer. Pain that does not forget even in our sleep falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our despair and against our will, wisdom comes to us through the awful Grace of God/dess." Aeschylus, Agamemnon. Ancient Greek women cut off their hair when their sons or husbands were delivered to them from battle, dead on their shields. American women get a sealed coffin, a ceremony, and a flag folded in a special way.

This painting is dedicated to Sue Niederer, who lost her son, Seth Dvorin, in Iraq, a mother who had the milk-giving balls to wear a tee-shirt stating, "You killed my son!" in order to ask Laura Bush after her speech defending the war, why no children of government officials are serving there. Bush supporters surrounded her, drowned her question, and had her arrested for trespassing in this public place. This is the price we pay for two oil CEOs in the top two executive jobs of our government.

When the moon is eclipsed, it can be seen dull red, reflecting the light of the Earth. Creativity comes from the descent of depression into the UnConscious. The solution always rises to mind, like the lotus from the mud. 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms. Note that the size-ratio is 4:5

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