Hommage à Cézanne, I: I read that Cezanne turned to painting still lifes because of his acute sense of being isolated from his society (in French still life is expressed as "dead nature") and it occurred to me that the artist has a sensitive neurology that makes us acutely aware of reality.

This is the first Homage (in French, there are two Ms) I painted to Cézanne. I painted this during the week after Christmas 2004, when the tsunami in SE Asia had claimed 150,000 lives. I heard how in Europe people were "restrained" in their New Year's celebration, and in the US people turned their attention from Iraq and it dawned on us to consider how lucky we are that 3000 is the largest mass death on this continent. Twice as many people died last summer in the Sudan as by the tsunami, but murder by our own species somehow seems more acceptable than the arbitrariness of Nature. 28 X 36 " or 70 X 90 cms. Note that the size-ratio is 4:5

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